A Fresh + Accessible Full-Service Boutique Creative Studio

S&R works creatively on a global scale including creative direction for both digital + print design, merchandising, branding, video content, campaign photoshoots, set design, events, retail windows, in-store displays, and so much more.


Some of the Sloane & Row clients include Kate Spade, West Elm, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, BCBG, Anthropologie, Bloomingdale's, NYDJ, Macy's, Uniqlo, Nike, and The Perfect Room, among others.

Our Mission

we come to the table with an eagerness to work hard, and a hunger and passion that exudes our beings. we are not afraid to get our hands dirty and work diligently to meet various deadlines and structures. all members of our collective are of equal parts left and right brained, easily balancing creative and conceptual elements, while synonymously thinking of budgets, organizational methods, shipping and production schedules. we are in a constant effort to work smarter, not harder.


Having backgrounds in high luxury, art, fashion and beauty supports us in consumer connection and lifestyle presentation. Having experience as an as art and creative directors and managers, has enabled us to understand overall projects and efficiencies from start to finish including budgets, set design, builds, concepting, and working diligently to make a shoot or layout that is representative of a brand or  lifestyle. we are fully proficient in the entire Adobe suite with emphasis on inDesign and Photoshop, and we are all accustomed to managing teams, or working one-on-one with a Creative Director, VP or Chief creative Officer.


To us, every project has a voice, and that voice is exemplified through detail– clothing, textures, models, backgrounds, color palettes, fabrics, set, art, ambiance, fragrance, fonts, colors, layout, props– everything should have a purpose and tie into the experience as a whole. Attention to detail is a must down to every last touch. When we start on a concept we  head first to our in-studio vinyl records and spotify playlists... we find art is ever-evolving in the space and the fluidity of music helps to start the mood boards, and eventually trickles into the project. 


we are well adept to facing challenges and hurdles and am able to welcome them with open arms, while maintaining a smile and an attentiveness to detail. Positivity and good energy are big ones for us, and maintaining a cool head with hot deadlines is certainly something we possess. Among all, we would like to note the versatility in our design aesthetic. we are malleable in the sense that we have a high taste level, but can translate it through various displays, fonts, colors, photography and art to what ever the branded aesthetic may be.

Let's do great things.